Burnout syndrome is topic of today’s difficult times

  • The Health Factory project will focus on the issue of burn-out syndrome in February
  • Up to 70% of the adult population in the Czech Republic will experience burnout syndrome
  • How to effectively prevent mental problems through active movement and exercise
  • Positive effects of exercise on physical and mental condition

Form Factory opens a new topic in February as part of the #HealthFactory project. For this month, it will be a matter of preventing and mitigating the effects of the so-called burn-out syndrome, which was described in the clinical literature at the turn of the 1980s and 1990s. The burnout syndrome manifests itself mainly in the area of ​​the mind, but also in the physical state and mainly concerns professions where there is frequent interaction with other people (for example, police officers, doctors, teachers). Recently, this problem has significantly spread to the rest of the population, including managerial and office professions. According to current publications of the State Institute of Public Health *, the key problems are emotional and cognitive exhaustion, general fatigue and physiological manifestations stemming from chronic stress. Burnout syndrome is encountered by up to 70% of the adult population during their lifetime, and 20% experience intense manifestations.

Exercise and regular active movement is one of the factors that can significantly reduce the effects of burnout. Especially on a physical level, exercise is a prevention against blood pressure disorders, muscle pain, fatigue. At the level of social relationships, movement prevents psychological tension and has a positive effect on socialization, mainly due to a change in the environment when visiting fitness or wellness centers.

“Each of us can experience burnout syndrome in life. We therefore strive for an active approach to the issue of health and active movement in our Form Factory clubs and currently also through online exercises. Thanks to this, we bring customers and other people interested in sports the opportunity to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, which has a demonstrable impact on long-term physical and mental health, “says Štefan Blahovec, Country Manager Form Factory.

Form Factory has prepared for the general public and its members a number of activities focused on the burnout syndrome in the form of newly launched online training programs, which in the current complicated times bring the opportunity to move from home or office. At the same time, it will publish educational and educational content prepared with experts, professional coaches and sports instructors.

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