Chronic fatigue syndrome can affect anyone

  • The April theme of the Health Factory project is chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Lack of exercise is one of the major factors contributing to chronic fatigue
  • Form Factory includes new types of Body Refresh exercises in this topic and innovates existing programs focused on aerobic activity

Chronic fatigue syndrome, called myalgic encephalomyelitis, is now considered by many doctors to be a disease that requires special treatment and treatment. In the Czech Republic alone, the disease is on the rise and affects more than 40,000 people, affecting millions of people worldwide. Therefore, Form Factory will focus in April on the impact of exercise and a healthy lifestyle on chronic fatigue. Poor diet with a lack of important nutrients, poor sleep, stress and lack of exercise are important elements that contribute to the development of this syndrome. The result is a complex health problem that manifests itself throughout the body. Common symptoms include general muscle weakness, sleep disorders, joint pain, headache and memory impairment.

As part of the Health Factory project, Form Factory brings its own perspective and approach that serves as a prevention in the context of this disease. Thanks to active movement, there is increased tissue oxygenation, better detoxification of the body and, last but not least, better cell nutrition. Daily aerobic activities are, according to the abilities and possibilities of each individual, an important factor that has a positive effect on the overall stabilization and resistance of the organism.

Form Factory will be launching innovative online exercise programs throughout the month to support anyone interested in the sport at this challenging time. At the same time, within its own online platform, it will bring a number of interesting and professional content, prepared in cooperation with its professional trainers and instructors, focused on chronic fatigue.

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