Frequently asked questions

Questions and answers

  • 01Is your fitness centre/membership restricted by age?

    You must be over 15 years of age to be able to attend our fitness centres (under 16 years of age, you can only visit the club if accompanied by a legal guardian). Those under 18 must come in person to the club to sign the contract accompanied by their legal representative.

  • 02What should you bring for your workouts?

    We want all our clients to feel good here. For this reason, and in the interest of the comfort of other clients, we require all our clients to wear clean sports shoes, sportswear and have a towel.

  • 03Is it necessary to book a training session with a personal trainer?

    Yes, we recommend that you arrange an appointment with a personal trainer beforehand to be sure that he/she will have time to spend with you. Personal trainings with our coaches are not included in the membership fee, so they are paid separately.

  • 04Do you offer group workouts at Form Factory?

    Yes, of course. They are part of membership or paid as a one-time entry fee. All group exercise enthusiasts are cordially invited to choose from a wide range of exercise programs. All information about these exercises, including the reservation system, can be found on our website.

  • 05Do I need to book a studio lesson?

    The capacity of the studio lessons is limited to ensure the quality of the studio lessons and the comfort of having enough space to perform the exercise for all participants. Participation in the lesson is subject to prior reservation. You can do so on our website.

Questions on admission, contracts and formal matters

  • 06How much does Form Factory membership cost?

    We have several types of memberships that allow access to one or all fitness clubs. The basic types of membership that we offer can be found on the price list / eshop.

  • 07Do you accept Multisport cards in Form Factory clubs?

    Yes, you can use the Multisport card in all of our clubs. Present it at the entrance together with your ID card.

  • 08What documents do I need to sign for a contract?

    You can buy membership on-line or at the reception at one of our clubs. In order to activate the membership agreement, it is necessary to have an ID card and a credit or debit card to pay for the membership.

  • 09Is it possible to give my membership card to another person (friend, partner, etc.)?

    Membership in our clubs is based on a contract for a specific person. Therefore, it isn’t possible to allow someone else to access the club based on your membership. However, you can bring those interested with you. The club will be happy to show them around and offer the possibility of a favourable membership so that they can also enjoy the services of our fitness centres.

  • 10Can I buy my membership on-line?

    Yes, of course. Most of our membership can be purchased on-line. Choose the membership that suits you best and see if you can buy it on-line.

  • 11My details on the contract have changed – where can I report a change?

    Changes or corrections of personal data can be reported in person at the club or by logging into the My account (client zone) on our website.

  • 12Can I cancel my membership at any time?

    You may terminate the Agreement under the terms and conditions defined in the membership you have purchased. For more information, please contact your club’s reception.

  • 13How can I terminate the contract?

    The notice must be given in writing at the Form Factory club, or by using the termination form that can be found on our website under Documents.