Form Factory becomes a partner of the football club SK Slavia Praha

Form Factory, a leader in the Czech fitness and wellness services market, has partnered with the first-league club SK Slavia Praha, one of the top European football teams.

In the framework of the SK Slavia Prague youth sport training, Form Factory provides through its clubs a modern background for fitness and development training of future supports of the first-league football team.

“We are very pleased to contribute to the preparatory activities of top athletes and teams. We are the right place for individual and group trainings, helping the future and professionalism of SK Slavia Praha football, ”says Štefan Blahovec, Country Manager, at Form Factory.

“We are very pleased and delighted to have partnered and partnered with Form Factory, which offers top-class facilities for our fitness training through its clubs. At present, we place great emphasis on developing our players’ fitness abilities to be competitive compared to the best football academies in Europe. In addition to fitness experts and the latest methods that we gradually implement in our training process, a quality training background offers us further improvement of the entire process and creation of the necessary infrastructure, ”says Jiří Plíšek, youth manager of SK Slavia Praha.

Form Factory is committed to supporting and communicating sports and is introducing the most advanced fitness technology within its clubs. It responds to new trends and requirements of its customers.