Form Factory introduces a new concept of a healthy lifestyle – #HealthFactory

  • The #HealthFactory project starts in September 2020
  • Fully customized services and content with regard to the prevention of the most common civilization diseases
  • Changing the perception of the fitness world towards health promotion
  • Full year project supported by special group lessons, added value services and communication
  • The project will be supported by a special brand

Since September 2020, Form Factory has been launching a new concept based on a complete approach to health in terms of fitness activities within its own network of fifteen fitness and wellness clubs. The clubs are fully equipped for virtually any type of exercise – whether thanks to cardio zones, fully equipped gyms, functional and crossfit zones, swimming pools or extensive group exercise programs, including health lessons and Les Mills programs.

The new #HealthFactory concept brings a new perspective on fitness as a place that is no longer just about strengthening, but focuses on a healthy lifestyle – for Form Factory it is such a comprehensive health factory. It is based on the most common diseases of civilization, which have a significant impact on human health. These include stress, obesity, weakened immunity, burnout, cardiovascular disease, office work problems and a number of other diseases in which active movement or special exercise can help prevent or significantly alleviate their course.

Each month, a new approach to fitness from Form Factory focuses on the prevention of one of the civilization disease. To this end, there will always be a program of group lessons, which will be expanded to include special and health exercises. Each month’s program will also include professional workshops, special online content, videos and support from Form Factory professional trainers.
The new #HealthFactory project also includes the launch of its own online platform, which integrates a library of various types of exercise, online streaming of lessons and other content, for example in the field of healthy eating or trends in the world of fitness.

“Fitness is no longer just about strengthening, but above all, the perception of fitness is changing towards an ideal environment to support overall health. Our intention is to connect active movement more with the overall physical and mental condition and a holistic approach to the modern lifestyle. We want to open the way for our visitors and the general public to improve physical and thus mental health within our fitness clubs, so we decided to pay attention to a different civilization disease every month and adjust our programs to support prevention and quality of life, “says Štefan Blahovec. Country Manager at Form Factory.

Extended activities in Form Factory clubs will be clearly marked as belonging to the Health concept. They will have their own logo with special group lessons and additional services, including thematic communication. The first topic in September will be the issue of health in connection with the office job issues “Office Balance”.