Health Factory – Body Positivity for body and mind

  • Body Positivity is not a trend to promote obesity
  • Accepting your body and a healthy lifestyle helps to improve the quality of life
  • Movement is not a stress factor – every result counts
  • Do not exaggerate your demands on yourself, but do not take it as an excuse or an excuse

Form Factory Health Factory’s fall theme comes with the somewhat controversial theme of Body Positivity. During the autumn months, the focus will be on a healthy acceptance of one’s body in accordance with a balanced lifestyle and mental balance.

Body Positivity is not intended to support obesity or, conversely, extreme weight loss and the pursuit of a perfect figure. A number of athletes and visitors to fitness clubs have encountered this problem in their surroundings or have directly experienced cases of anorexia, obese people without other health problems and excuses for an otherwise healthy person who does not want to take the right steps for his body and mind that will lead to a quality life . For example, bigorexia (Adonis complex) leads to steroid abuse – people have a sense of perfection and never “have enough” – this too can be a bad approach to Body Positivity. Form Factory brings its perspective based on long-term experience and knowledge, which is also supported by the practice of group lesson instructors and professional trainers. Therefore, the goal is not to promote a retouched and unrealistic concept of one’s own body, but rather to disprove frequent myths within the Health Factory project, to end the abuse of the concept of Body Positivity, and at the same time to motivate the majority population to include more fitness activities in their daily routine.

Body Positivity is therefore ultimately about a healthy and balanced approach to our own body and mind, for which each of us can do something extra or throw away our stereotypes. This does not mean spending every free moment in a fitness club, but thinking and choosing appropriate sports activities supported by healthy nutrition and a quality mental life. Can the common man change his attitude? Yes, just throw away the excuses for not exercising or making changes in your life. Points of positivity should be used to compare with the reality of one’s own body and to set a balance in one’s mind. So it is the starting point of the journey, not the destination.

Body Positivity definitely does not reduce respect for people with a disease, because it is unfortunate to judge a person only by appearance without knowing the complete state of health.

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