Health Factory – Exercise supports mental health

  • News in the Health Factory project
  • Fitness and active movement have a significant effect on mental health
  • Sport reduces the level of stress and promotes a long-term sustainable healthy lifestyle

The Health Factory project of Form Factory, the largest network of fitness clubs in the Czech Republic, is successfully entering the next thematic year. The previous period was marked by the prevention of the most common diseases of civilization in terms of fitness, exercise, healthy eating and other aspects that have a positive effect on the quality of physical and mental life of each individual. From October 2021, the individual topics will no longer be communicated on a monthly basis, but will be merged into quarterly units. As a result, it will be possible to better, and in greater depth, target the support of important factors that affect our daily lives.

This autumn will specialize in mental health, and a wide range of prevention and education projects will be available as part of Form Factory’s services and communications, available not only to members of Form Factory clubs, but also to Multisport cardholders and the general public. As of September, the offer of group lesson programs recommended for the Health Factory program has been strengthened and expanded, and a whole range of instructional videos and workshops will be available. The online platform is also available for education.

Mental health is an integral part of our existence, connecting the physical body and a balanced lifestyle. Sport and fitness activities are an important element that contributes to a high quality of life and health.