Health Factory – Summer in motion

  • Summer fitness theme focused on discipline, angi-age and active summer movement
  • Summer does not mean a break in fitness habits
  • A healthy diet, a balanced lifestyle and exercise supporting health

For many people, the upcoming holidays mean an annual change in their usual habits, which include active movement and nutrition. This is especially related to the holidays, when most travelers relax their healthy lifestyle, and there is a time of overeating, higher consumption of sugary drinks, alcohol, fat foods and grilled meals. In principle, it’s not bad, everyone sometimes needs to rest and stop their often strict regime.

On the other hand, the summer months favor active movement. Whether it is movement in nature or in a fitness club, any form of exercise contributes to health. In combination with a sufficient drinking regime, an appropriately chosen combination of food (for example, the schnitzel does not have to be accompanied by fries, but perhaps a cucumber salad) and enough active movement is an ideal prerequisite for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and limiting the consequences of aging.

Although summer temperatures often attack tropical temperatures, visiting a fitness club is not a bad option either. Not only will there not be a break in the regular exercise routine, but on the contrary, it is a good time to try, for example, a new type of exercise or group lessons. Last but not least, exercising in the summer months is a good starting point for the autumn season.

The Health Factory project will continue in the summer with interesting topics related to the effect of exercise on aging, tips for suitable fitness activities at higher outdoor temperatures, and not forgetting the right approach to eating.

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