HealthFactory – Discipline and Motivation

4 January 2023

Resolutions don’t work. Just no. You need to start now and not wait for any important milestone, for Monday or maybe start exercising until you lose weight. It’s all about trying to make a difference. About motivation, finding motivation, about the first step, discipline. About taking some action that should bring the desired reaction. However, what if the motivation to take that first step never comes?

Motivation is a side-product. It is a byproduct of action and discipline that leads to long-term fitness routines and habits. Indeed, motivation and discipline are so incredibly close.

Instead of searching, what do you do first? For example, take the stairs, take the first group fitness class in your life, go to the gym.

Motivation is not a goal, but a by-product of actions and long-term discipline that lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Winter is a good time to gain long-term fitness, and healthy discipline is the basic building block of long-term sustainable health and achieving the expected results. With the #HealthFactory program, we will help you get the necessary information for your optimal and effective training, tips and trends that will support your motivation and discipline.