Les Mills Day 2022

Les Mills Day 2022

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Les Mills Day 2022

SATURDAY 25. 6. 2022
Roof Galerie Harfa

This year, the popular sports fitness event Les Mills Day will take place on the traditional roof spot of the Galerie Harfa shopping center in Vysočany, Prague. Form Factory again brings you a full day of Les Mills programs – from the most popular BODYPUMP, through BODYATTACK, BODYJAM, LM CORE, GRIT Series, BODYSTEP, BODYCOMBAT to calmer BODYBALANCE lessons in a mix of different choreographies. Choose your favorite workouts and enjoy a unique day full of outdoor workouts with Form Factory. Newly also with interesting partners and guests.

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Saturday 25. 6. 2022, Roof Galerie Harfa

Českomoravská 2420/15a, Prague 9

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Presented by Les Mills programs



    BODYATTACK® is an energy-intensive workout focused on cardio, muscle endurance and functional training. Movements inspired by various sports such as running, lunges and jumps are combined with strength exercises to the rhythm of high-energy and motivating music. BODYATTACK® means joining the energy of an entire group that is not afraid to take on the challenge and enjoy exercising together.



    BODYBALANCE® is an exercise inspired by yoga, taichi and pilates that will leave you strong, flexible and focused. You will feel the true balance between mind, body and soul. Whether you have some experience with yoga or just getting started, or looking for a workout that complements your workout, BODYBALANCE® will improve your mind, body and life.



    BODYCOMBAT® is a lesson composed of interval training. It is a lesson that is inspired and combined by martial arts such as karate, kick boxing, taekwondo, muay thai and capoiera.



    BODYPUMP® is a strength training to music, and is a lesson that pushes you and makes you stronger. You train all the major muscles with a large dumbbell with a light to medium load. Together with music, the instructor will guide you through a safe work out and give you additional motivation to achieve faster results than you would achieve yourself.



    Cardio workout with adjustable height step, known in the past as step aerobics. BODYSTEP is adapted to modern times, simplifying some movements and adding strength elements.



    Les Mills CORE is a simple and effective workout designed to build the strength of major muscle groups, including the abdominal, back, and glutes. It is scientifically proven that CORE activates the posterior chain muscles and increases functional strength and overall fitness. During the lesson, you use resistance bands, weights and your bodyweight for resistance exercises such as crunches and planks.



    Modern version of classical ballet, which is created to shape and strengthen muscles. Classical ballet positions mixed with great and moti-vating music are the perfect combination for cardio and strength.



    High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). These are short rounds of high intensity exercise followed by pauses for recovery, where motivation is based on overcoming physical and mental limits. The lesson is based on intervals to deliver maximum performance at each interval.

  • SH’BAM®️


    SH’BAM® is a dance lesson consisting of fun and uncomplicated dance moves, accompanied by hits from charts played around the world. The combination of intensive and relaxing parts creates interval training, which makes the whole lesson beneficial not only for our body but also for our mind. You will improve movement coordination and body control, improve your level of fitness and burn excess calories. You develop flexibility and dance mobility.


Subject to change of program and venue.

1. morning block
/ 9:00 – 14:30

  • 09:00 BODYPUMP /60 minRudolf Horyna, Anna Neklanová, Lucie Marečková, Kateřina Vinařová
  • 10:15 Les Mills GRIT Cardio /30 minKateřina Vinařová, Monika Trnková, Hana Volfová, Dominik Růžička
  • 11:00 Les Mills CORE /30 minLucie Marečková, Dan Hlubuček, Hana Volfová, Chris Lomeli
  • 11:35 BODYATTACK /60 minMartin Vodraška, Josef Sýkora, Eva Dobešová, Kristýna Poslušná
  • 12:50 SH‘BAM /30 minDominika Brablíková, Lucie Pitelová, Nikol Szczurková, Michal Šubr
  • 13:30 BODYBALANCE /60 minVíťa Bogač, Stano Weber, Kateřina McGlynn, Kristýna Cikhardtová

2. afternoon block
/ 15:00 – 20:15

  • 15:00 BODYPUMP /45 minTomáš Rafaj, Dominika Brablíková, Pepa Sýkora, Petra Kubaščíková
  • 16:00 BODYCOMBAT /60 minTomáš Trnka, Tomáš Rafaj, Miroslava Líšková, Jiří Kalous, Liudmila Strinadko, Monika Trnková
  • 17:10 Les Mills GRIT Strength /30 minEva Dobešová, Dominik Růžička, Robert Ondráš
  • 17:45 BODYSTEP /45 minMartin Vodraška, Anna Neklanová, Kristýna Poslušná
  • 18:40 Les Mills BARRE /30 minVíťa Bogač, Kateřina Jindrová, Lucie Pitelová, Adéla Hurníková
  • 19:15 BODYBALANCE /60 minJana Křížová, Klára Doležalová, Kateřina Jindrová, Nina Ortová

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