The Health Factory project continues in December with the theme of depression

  • The last month of this year is dedicated to the issue of depression and exercise
  • Depression can result in a clinical diagnosis that affects a lifetime
  • Exercise and active movement have a positive effect on the prevention of depression and stress

The last month of the year is demanding on the psyche and, above all, it currently places great demands on everyone. That’s why Form Factory is coming up with the topic of depression and its prevention as part of its long-term #HealthFactory project. According to current studies, up to 75% of people may experience the first manifestations of depressive states before the age of 24. Therefore, for regular prevention and defense against depression, regular active movement and exercise is often recommended, which has a positive effect on the overall physical and mental condition.

Depression as a clinical diagnosis today affects practically the entire population and especially in today’s complicated times and isolation, which also entails radically limited social contacts. In addition, the approaching winter no longer allows for a number of sports that can be performed outdoors, thus accumulating negative influences that can in turn lead to the development of depressive states in some sensitive individuals. A completely new approach to health and fitness, within the #HealthFactory project, which Form Factory promotes as a comprehensive concept, is intended for all age groups and enables the involvement of people who have not yet trained or are currently solving partial health problems.

As part of preventing and defending against depression, Form Factory has included a number of exercises in its online group lessons program to help defend against depression. In December, visitors to the digital portal will be able to actively participate every day and practice professional programs focused primarily on relaxation, and more active types of exercise will not be left out. In addition, on the occasion of the re-relaxation of government measures from 3 December 2020 and the reopening of all Form Factory clubs, regular group lessons will be included, focusing on dealing with and helping with depressive states. A visit to a fitness center can be one of the ways to successfully combat anxiety and the current current situation.