The Health Factory project continues in October with the theme of immunity

  • The second month of the #HealthFactory project is focused on supporting immunity
  • Already 30 minutes of active movement a day reduces the risk of disease and strengthens the resistance of the human body
  • Special group classes aimed at strengthening immunity through active movement
  • Support of the metabolic and immune system within the wellness-sauna
  • Professional workshops, special content for the general public and Form Factory visitors

Form Factory introduces another topic in its new Health Factory project. The whole of October will deal with the issue of immunity. Active movement is one of the basic factors that can positively affect the immune system in the coming autumn. According to current studies, 30 minutes of exercise a day has a positive effect on health, reduces susceptibility to disease and increases the resistance of the human body (source: Journal of Sport and Health Science – NCBI-2020), which is especially important today. The connection of physical activities, proper nutrition and other factors of a healthy lifestyle will be newly incorporated into the services that Form Factory provides to its visitors.

“We consider the Health Factory project, which we launched in September, to be an important part of the path to transform the fitness field towards a healthy lifestyle. The current topic focused on the support of the immune system is especially important today, especially with regard to the approaching autumn and the period of viral diseases, “says Štefan Blahovec, Country Manager Form Factory. “Regular active movement and appropriately chosen exercise programs have a positive effect on our health and today they are becoming part of the lifestyle of an ever-increasing part of the population,” adds Blahovec.

As part of active movement, Form Factory includes new special activities in its group lesson program, focusing primarily on strength, circuit, cardio training and aroma yoga. In each of the fifteen clubs, lessons will be added to the schedule to support the proper functioning of the immune system. In addition, there are also special online activities and workshops with professional Form Factory trainers and other experts, which will clearly present the basic factors influencing immunity during exercise and diet, as well as for those interested in fitness who exercise more randomly or have not yet decided to train regularly.

Form Factory will also focus on raising awareness of its wellness program. For the month of October, sauna was chosen as one of the options that has been proven to improve health and immunity.