The November Health Factory will be in the spirit of stress prevention

  • The third month of the #HealthFactory project is focused on defending against stress
  • Psychological stress is one of the common causes of many diseases of civilization and cancer
  • Professional online workshops and streaming of special training programs

This November, as part of the Health Factory project, will be in the topic of defending against stress. Mental stress is one of the important factors that today significantly contributes to the emergence of many diseases of civilization and is often indirectly associated with cancer, obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. As part of its #HealthFactory project, Form Factory will present its approach to dealing with stress through active movement and special online workshops. At the same time, the company will actively participate in the traditional “Movember” campaign, which focuses on the prevention of prostate cancer in men. According to current studies, passive lifestyle and limited movement contribute up to 5% to cancer.

Today, stress affects practically the entire population and, especially in today’s complicated times and isolation, it can cause a number of changes in the psyche and, consequently, in the organism as such. The new approach to health and fitness that Form Factory promotes as a comprehensive concept is designed for all ages. Thanks to a comprehensive approach to exercise, diet and a healthy lifestyle, the future of fitness represents a suitable tool for the prevention of many diseases of civilization.

As part of stress prevention and its management, Form Factory includes a number of exercises in its online group lesson program to help prevent or eliminate stress. In November, followers to the digital portal will be able to actively participate every day and train professional programs focused on relaxation and cardio exercises. They will also receive tips and advices in the field of healthy nutrition.