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Zones in clubs

In each of our clubs we try to offer you unlimited access to various areas of fitness activities. Find out which zones can be used and what other options will be available for your training.

Studio lesson zone

Group exercise is more fun and also more motivating! Try out the unique Les Mills programs!

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Cardio zone

Ellipticals, treadmills, bikes and much more. Ideal for warming up before exercise or as a final activity after training.

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Cross & Fit Zone

Training not only for men. Combination of strength elements, fitness and gymnastics.

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Fitness machines

This zone is ideal for beginners who begin with fitness.

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Functional zone

Exercise using your own body weight instead of exercise..

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Stretching zone

Remember that stretching after training is very important. Therefore, we have prepared this special zone where you can stretch your muscles.

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Martial arts zone

A place designed for fans of martial arts.

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Powerlifter zone

This zone can be used by anyone who is interested in true weightlifting or crossfit training.

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Swimming pool

Swimming is one of the healthiest sports ever. It does not burden the joints and has rehabilitative effects. Not only does it strengthen and shape your body, it also has beneficial relaxation effects for the body and mind.

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Nothing will help you get rid of stress just like a bubble bath!
Relax your body and mind.

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Relaxation after training. Try the beneficial effects of sauna on your immune system!

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Steam bath

It is a warm, sauna-like fog bath, but not so hot and much more humid.

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Get a beautiful golden tan year round!

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Spa & Beauty Angel

It offers a wide range of quality treatments for both skin and body with experienced therapists.

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