First entrance for free

  • Free Pass Program – free one-time access to Form Factory fitness and wellness clubs
  • One-time entry for visitors who are not yet members of the Form Factory community
  • Easy ordering via website
  • Unlimited possibilities – applies to fitness and wellness activities in clubs


Form Factory newly introduces the possibility of free one-time entry to all its fifteen clubs in Prague and Ostrava city. The offer is intended for new visitors who have never visited Form Factory and want to experience fitness equipment, group lessons and wellness. Thanks to free entry, people interested in a healthy lifestyle and fitness can get acquainted in detail with the professional approach of Form Factory, which is consistently following the latest trends and news in the field of physical activities.

“Introducing a free one-time entry is a logical step that will open up our environment for new entrants who want to start active movement or seek change in their training and relaxation. Our goal is to enable the active public to first try the modern concept of fitness and wellness and then decide whether they want to become part of our Form Factory community,” says Jan Rezek, marketing manager of Form Factory.

One-time free admission can be activated in all fifteen clubs in the Czech Republic and all services offered by fitness clubs can be used without restriction.

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