Saturday 27. 5. 2023

Body & Mind Day 2023


Body & Mind Day 2023



The third successful outdoor fitness event Form Factory Body & Mind Day with an interesting program on the Peony meadow and peat bog in the Prague Botanical Garden is here again. An ideal time to stretch, relax, sharpen your mind, rest and recharge your body! A day for those who like relaxing classes such as yoga or Les Mills BODYBALANCE and who would like to practice a series of yoga classes in the open air. In addition to exercises, seminars and workshops related to yoga are prepared.



Event: Body & Mind Day 2023

When: Saturday 27. 5. 2023, 09:00 – 17:00

Where: Prague Botanical garden, Peony meadow, North entrance to the botanical garden, K Pazderkám street, Prague

  • Ticket for classes and professional workshops 399 CZK SOLD OUT
  • Ticket for classes only449 CZK

Ticket is transferable. Event organizer Form Factory s.r.o.


Video from Body & Mind 2022


  • Barbora Lešáková BodyBalance
  • Eva Tučková BodyBalanceInstagram
  • Irena Marková Jin YogaInstagram
  • Kahu PilatesInstagram
  • Kateřina Boušková Dance Yoga
  • Kateřina Jindrová Zítková BodyBalanceInstagram
  • Klára Doležalová BodyBalanceInstagram
  • Matěj Ptáček BodyBalanceInstagram
  • Mirka PhilippiBodyBalanceInstagram
  • Nina OrtováBodyBalanceInstagram
  • Petra KubaščíkováBodyBalanceInstagram
  • Romana JustováHatha Yoga
  • Sylva SmrčkováBodyBalanceInstagram
  • Veronika Pospíšilová Spirit yogaInstagram
  • Vítězslav Bogač BodyBalanceInstagram


Subject to change of program and venue.

  • 09:30

    Registration /60 min
    Possibility of individual tour of the outer part of the botanical garden.
  • 10:30

    The start of the event
  • 11:00

    Body & Mind Spirit Yoga  /60 min
    Veronika Pospíšilová
    Body & Mind Spirit Yoga is a holistic style of yoga that focuses on connecting the body, mind and spirit through physical exercises, meditation, breath and spiritual principles. This style of yoga seeks to help practitioners find balance, harmony and health in all areas of their lives.
  • 12:00

    WORKSHOP /60 min
    Tibetan bowls I.

    Klára Dvořáková
  • 12:15

    Pilates  /60 min
    Kahu Lenka
    It is a method of shaping the body based on conscious and precisely targeted muscle loading. Pilates movements come from the core area, which they strengthen and realize.
  • 13:30

    Hatha Yoga /60 min
    Romana Justová
    Here we will meet a lesson, which is conducted through preparatory exercises, which will move to the asanas (positions), where the emphasis is on breath, accuracy and endurance in the classic position. The positions include short breaks to calm down, when the position fades and its effects increase.
  • 13:30

    WORKSHOP /60 min
    Tibetan bowls II.

    Klára Dvořáková
  • 14:40

    WORKSHOP /60 min
    Mental Health

  • 14:45

    BODYBALANCE /60 min
    Klárka D., Matěj P., Katka J., Eva T., Bára L., Nina O., Víťa B., Petra K., Sylva S., Mirka P.
    BODYBALANCE® is an exercise inspired by yoga, taichi and pilates that will leave you strong, flexible and focused. You will feel the true balance between mind, body and soul. Whether you have some experience with yoga or just getting started, or looking for a workout that complements your workout, BODYBALANCE® will improve your mind, body and life.
  • 15:00

    WORKSHOP /60 min
    Tibetan bowls III.

    Klára Dvořáková
  • 16:00

    Jin Yoga /60 min
    Irena Marková
    Jin Yoga is a modern style of yoga that combines elements of traditional yoga with modern scientific knowledge of movement and anatomy and focuses on releasing tension, lengthening muscles and joints, and improving the body’s mobility.
  • 16:00

    WORKSHOP /60 min
    Facial yoga

    Daniela Kamrádová
    Facial yoga is a beautiful way to exercise to strengthen and rejuvenate the muscles of the face and neck, which can lead to reduced wrinkles and an improved overall appearance of the skin.
  • 17:00

    Dance Yoga /60 min
    Kateřina Boušková
    The ideal combination of yoga with a beautiful sunset that helps release tension and brings peace and harmony to the soul.
  • 17:00

    WORKSHOP /60 min

    Jana Beriša

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