Detoxify your body in a spring time

  • Form Factory continues with the Health Factory project under the DETOX topic
  • Detoxification of the body helps for overall health cleansing after the winter
  • How to lighten your diet and focus on active movement

March is dedicated to the issue of detoxification of the organism as part of the Health Factory project launched by Form Factory. Today, the modern word DETOX needs to be perceived in a broader context and to purify the body after the winter in many areas. From the point of view of various diets, the detoxification of the organism itself does not have to bring the desired effect only with regard to the fact that this process takes place physiologically naturally and automatically in the body. For permanent detoxification, it is therefore necessary to include into normal life enough active movement, enough important nutrients and minerals that will support our body.

As part of the Health Factory project, procedures and methods are communicated that do not harm our health and focus primarily on improving the overall health, which currently suffers from limited mobility and exercise in the majority of the population and a long-established stereotype of healthy and balanced nutrition.

In March, Form Factory will support the spring rest of fitness through special exercises on its online platform and, in cooperation with its trainers and professional instructors, bring a range of advice and information to the general public who are interested in improving their fitness.

In addition to active exercise, a balanced and healthy diet is part of the body’s healing process. Especially in spring, it is advisable to include in the diet, after a long winter, more vegetables and fruits, to set the drinking regime correctly. In combination with a suitable movement routine, the desired effect is then achieved.

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