January will be focused on obesity prevention

  • Obesity is at the forefront of civilization diseases
  • In the Czech Republic, more than 20% of people are at risk of obesity
  • Exercise is one of the important factors in preventing obesity and related diseases

In 2021, Form Factory continues with the Health Factory project, which is focused on educating and supporting active movement for everyone. The first month of the year is devoted to the issue of overweight and obesity, which is one of the most common and numerous factors that threaten the health of almost every adult and child. In the Czech Republic, more than 20% of people in active age suffer from or are at risk of obesity. This fact is further exacerbated by the current situation, where access to exercise in indoor and outdoor sports venues is limited and the passive way of life will be reflected in the future mainly in the deterioration of fitness and health in a wide range of the population.

As part of the prevention and fight against overweight and obesity, Form Factory currently focuses on supporting online training lessons that allow you to practice sports and exercise at home or in the office. At the same time, in the course of January, it will also bring a number of advice and professional content, which it is preparing in cooperation with its sports instructors and professional coaches within its fitness.formfactory.cz portal. All content is provided free of charge for the general public and sports enthusiasts.

Obesity has a direct impact not only on health, but also causes long-term economic problems and treatment of related diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems burden the health system and, for example, according to Czech Medical Chamber, cost up to 10% of total health care costs.

The basis of prevention against obesity is the already mentioned active movement and proper lifestyle. Regular sports at least three times a week for 30 minutes is enough. This significantly reduces the risk of overweight and obesity.