Health Factory in May – pregnancy and active movement

  • May is assigned to pregnancy and sport
  • Focused on proper nutrition and complementary exercise during pregnancy and after delivery
  • Special tutorials with examples of exercises for pregnant women
  • Professional content from specialists and professional trainers

Few people know that a child’s health is directly dependent on the health and nutritional status of a woman in the period of 1-2 years before conception and during pregnancy. If the partners are planning a family, from this point of view it is very advantageous for a woman to prepare for this period both theoretically and mentally and to try to be in excellent health and nutrition.

The Form Factory Health Factory project will target pregnant women in May and will accentuate this issue in terms of health, exercise and proper nutrition. In recent years, when the lifestyle has moved to fitness centers and those who do not attend fitness as if they did not live, the question arose whether it is appropriate to exercise during pregnancy and whether fitness is the right way. First of all, it should be mentioned that exercise during pregnancy generally helps to improve the physical and mental condition of the future mother. Every woman wants to like, have a pretty figure, feel fit and pregnancy itself is associated with weight gain, and not just where it is desirable. So it is good to regulate, perhaps a more appropriate term is to try to control the growing weight. Pregnancy does not mean illness, but it is always good to think about the suitability of a particular sports activity and at the same time about the state of health and the physical condition of the woman before beginning the exercise.

Form Factory, in cooperation with midwives, personal trainers specializing in pregnancy exercises, brings a number of interesting topics related to pregnancy in connection with sports. Tutorials of the right exercises, professional articles and tips will be available to the general public throughout the month within our own online platform at